A quick glance of the transition of my summer to the start of school. 

Nick: As an artist I’ve learned over time that if you have an idea you can find a way to make it.

Lilah: You make something beautiful and you want everyone to be part of it. And that makes it more beautiful, it makes it grow.

Nick: Woodworker… log builder… photographer… Sometimes the easiest one is just saying you’re an artist. 


I finished the second week of medical school and am preparing for my test in two days (Monday). 

No matter how technical the things I learn, until I become a doctor and after that, I will be an artist. I wouldn’t have chosen medicine otherwise. 

What is intimacy?

Complete trust.



If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?

Today I was a Successful Adult.

I woke up early, showered so I’d be clean like an Adult. Then, I went to class and got there on time. Not only did I go to class, but I also paid attention the entire time - a full two and a half hours worth.

My second class was cancelled, so I went home and worked many hours on a very long paper on the mysteries of endogenous neurogenesis. I took a break from writing to go for a 45 minute long run and I didn’t stop once to walk. Now, if you’re a runner, you might say that’s not very long. But, dear reader, I am not a runner and it was a difficult feat for me. Many times I wanted to give up. Usually I would just take a nap. 

Afterwards I had some Greek yogurt with cottage cheese, which is a pretty Adult thing to eat (earlier in the day I had a chocolate-filled croissant, does that cancel out my Adult food???).

Yeah. Adult time. 

A snap of the ferret cake I made for a surprise birthday party this past weekend. 


This week brings an energy boost from friends or a group that revives your belief in what you’re aspiring to become. With voluminous Jupiter in your sign, you’re in a major growth cycle, and a cluster of planets in your network zone keeps drawing you to teamwork, probably with erratic results. But it’s easier for you to bridge the gap now between what you’re hoping to achieve and what others are bringing to the table. To make the most of this period, you need to be capable of identifying what you want from people and how you conduct yourself with them. Is your circle of friends supportive of the direction you’re heading in? Are you affiliated with a group that shares your interests or goals? Do your dealings with others reflect your values? Coordinate your efforts with those of others in a spirit of congeniality this week, putting out there what you want to get back.


I don’t believe horoscopes to be real, but for whatever reason I like to read them regardless. Oftentimes they give me an opportunity to give my life an introspective look. 


Free People Horoscopes: April 1-7 

“I’ll obey your pale pastel eyes, obey
Their Opal-periwinkle mirrors’ sway,
Like patches of sky on glassy waters”
— Proust

Find some inspiration today. Be it a picture, a song, a conversation. 

by elias.and.theresa.carlson

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The colors of spring.

This morning I went to Tampa’s Oxford Exchange for some brunch :)