After months and months of nagging, Scott finally took me sailing. Now you see I can’t really take myself sailing as it is a learned skill I don’t possess, though Scott really tries to teach me. Sooo, yes, it would be fair to assume he did most of the sailing work. And me? Well, I worked on my tan. 

P.S. Please note how close we were to the water. We were held up by a thin net suspended less than a foot above the water. 

I went to the Tycho show tonight; it was visually and musically tantalizing. I will share more photos soon, now I have to get some sleep so I can make it out for some pirate watching at Gasparilla in the morning ;)


I already told you the Tycho show was aesthetically amazing, so here is a peek, I posted more at my photo blog ;)

St. Patrick’s day was spent around no Irishmen, wearing absolutely no green, and need I say it? There was no green beer. Instead, I spent it roasting out in the sun with Valentina, Chilean extraordinaire.

It was the best day for beach napping:

I had SPF 25, which is apparently just enough to ensure minimum burning.

I had summer’s essential! Floppy straw hat to look fab & protect face from sun.

Temperature was around 76F with no humidity. You can’t ask for better weather.

If you can guess what was in those cups, you win a coffee date.


I am not bound to succeed

Trey and his new bike, Liza and her tea, Vale and her VS model look, a couple of cute performers at Cafe Hey

I am bound to be true

The temperature was exceptional that day! I was neither hot, nor cold; winter wear is great, except that oftentimes I am hiding behind a great big coat. Spring-like weather is much more bearable.

Wearing white Express blouse, Zara pants, and black patent Aldo oxfords.

Photos taken by none other than Boyfriend, also known as Trey Penton. Check out some of his photography!

We took a bike ride down Davis Island to enjoy the water and to take some photos. His photos (taken by me) coming soon!

St. Petersburg, before Tron

Boyfriend and I before we saw Tron, hanging out around the St. Pete docks, eating fusion food with our friend Laura (not shown :( pictures came out blurry in the restaurant), deer, Kiss Barbie Christmas tree ornament, and a hidden paper crane.