Friday night I went out for my friend Trey T.’s 21st birthday! It was great, my Trey even came to dinner (a lot of Treys). Later we hit the club and Trey T.’s parents surprised him by showing up — actually they had already been in line and he got to cut ahead & have his first legal drink with them :)

Yes, I am wearing leather shorts underwear. See more photos here.

Urban Landscape

Photos by Trey Penton

After keeping it in my closet and various parts of my room for over a year, I finally got around to wearing this trench. It’s a welcome change from the big heavy coats ;)

Vintage Trench
Forever 21 tank Dress
Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Trey sent me cute pictures of bunnies (100 of them!). Ahh, so cute!

My month-long no shopping went great! (Except for that one day I visited a thrift store and a wee little sale at Forever 21 earlier this week… but those don’t even count…) Today is the official day it is over. I had to say no a lot of times, but ultimately it was a good thing because in the last month I have gone from wearing a heavy coat to tank-tops. FYI, the best sweater sales are happening right now, if you don’t have any better stock up for the next year!

Today on the fun radar I have plans to spend time with my friends! Accompanied by sushi. I was reading a sushi book last night, which you should never do it you don’t have any sushi with you. 

Next week I plan to do more illustrations, but for now let’s all enjoy the weekend :)

Don’t you just love Boyfriend’s suspenders? I thought about getting a pair of my own.

I am bound to be true

The temperature was exceptional that day! I was neither hot, nor cold; winter wear is great, except that oftentimes I am hiding behind a great big coat. Spring-like weather is much more bearable.

Wearing white Express blouse, Zara pants, and black patent Aldo oxfords.

Photos taken by none other than Boyfriend, also known as Trey Penton. Check out some of his photography!

We took a bike ride down Davis Island to enjoy the water and to take some photos. His photos (taken by me) coming soon!

Too Often

Throughout the day really catchy (often, obnoxious) songs make their way in to my head and overstay their visit. Most often Boyfriend is the lucky lad to hear them; I don’t grace just anyone to my honeyed voice. Sometimes it’s the newest hit on the radio, other times it’s new music I’ve come upon on my Internet Adventures.

Unfortunately for myself and Boyfriend, most of the time we are not so lucky to have a popular, or even particularly liked song playing on repeat in my brain. Don’t misunderstand me reader, I have a diverse music bank, but for an unknown reason songs from years, nay, decades ago come to me when I am trying to have quiet thinking time.

  • I believe I can Fly by R Kelly. This one is really disruptive to my day. One, it’s super old; two, it’s super cheesy; three, I can’t break out like R Kelly on I BELIEVE I CAN SOAAARRR and that really annoys me.
  • I don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. It’s by Aerosmith, but I’m always reminded of Armageddon, however I don’t think it’s socially accepted to even bring this movie up in conversation anymore.
  • Nancy Sinatra’s Boots are Made for Walking. This comes on any time I am wearing boots or see anyone who is wearing boots. Sometimes I just think about wearing boots and this song comes on.
  • Also, a lot of Madonna, although mainly from Confessions on a Dancefloor. Kind of up-to-date, but not exactly.

Let it be noted I haven’t actually listened to some of these songs for years. They are haunting me, much like Freddy Krueger wouldn’t stay dead and haunted those poor kids.

On Cooking

Look provocative while salting shells until they have cooked al-dente; stuff shells with ricotta; I mean really stuff them, more is more; place yummy pasta sauce on bottom of cooking pan; arrange shells; cook ~350F; devour.

The Moment

I love the New Year. I wish it could happen more than once a year, like two times a year!

Back to school in Fall is almost like a New Year, but it’s not quite the same. No! Not quite, and soon there will be no more school to go back to, leaving me with only one New Year.

There is something about beginnings and endings that can be a wonderful, overwhelming mix of emotions. It is all too welcomed and refreshing! Of course, this is something that isn’t truly lasting, but I still think there could be lasting changes (for the better! duh).

And now, on Day Four of the New Year, I would like to present you with an update on my Resolutions (allow me put my serious glasses on):

1. Stop making odd faces in pictures.

The only pictures I have taken since the New Year began were on Day One, and well, let’s just say I am “trying too hard”, but improvement is on the way.

2. Live in the Moment.

So far so good… Computer Time has mostly been while at work… only downside is that I haven’t gotten a chance to upload photos from the last few days! Also, I had to set a chunk of time for reading e-mails.

3. Reduce money spent at Forever 21 by vast amounts.

So far $0 have gone to that store. On the other hand, Express was located conveniently close to Forever while out for coffee last night…

4. Put together a portfolio.

Bought a 0.35mm Micron, why didn’t I before?

Text-only posts are boring. Here is a picture of my girl-toy and me taking down the West (or is building it up?).

The Holiday

My Love, Me and Penguins, Lights, Fun Party with Friends While Sick, Present for Trey Unwrapped and Wrapped, Present from Joyce :), Trey Experimenting with his Gift (Diana Lens and Adapter for Canon)

St. Petersburg, before Tron

Boyfriend and I before we saw Tron, hanging out around the St. Pete docks, eating fusion food with our friend Laura (not shown :( pictures came out blurry in the restaurant), deer, Kiss Barbie Christmas tree ornament, and a hidden paper crane.

Gone Out

Before going out for a semi-formal a few days ago. Trey has more pictures that may make their way up later.

I wore a faux Banana Republic shawl mom is allowing me to borrow and sequin royal blue dress.