Trey sent me cute pictures of bunnies (100 of them!). Ahh, so cute!

My month-long no shopping went great! (Except for that one day I visited a thrift store and a wee little sale at Forever 21 earlier this week… but those don’t even count…) Today is the official day it is over. I had to say no a lot of times, but ultimately it was a good thing because in the last month I have gone from wearing a heavy coat to tank-tops. FYI, the best sweater sales are happening right now, if you don’t have any better stock up for the next year!

Today on the fun radar I have plans to spend time with my friends! Accompanied by sushi. I was reading a sushi book last night, which you should never do it you don’t have any sushi with you. 

Next week I plan to do more illustrations, but for now let’s all enjoy the weekend :)