When I wore this bow-tie to my lab Christmas party I made sure to tell everyone I ‘dressed up’. Though, really, I just wanted to wear a bow-tie. Courtesy of Kristen <3

This is Emma, named after the MCAT. She is the reason why I have not found the cure for Alzheimer&#8217;s Disease yet.  This is Emma, named after the MCAT. She is the reason why I have not found the cure for Alzheimer&#8217;s Disease yet.  This is Emma, named after the MCAT. She is the reason why I have not found the cure for Alzheimer&#8217;s Disease yet. 

This is Emma, named after the MCAT. She is the reason why I have not found the cure for Alzheimer’s Disease yet. 

I am bound to be true

The temperature was exceptional that day! I was neither hot, nor cold; winter wear is great, except that oftentimes I am hiding behind a great big coat. Spring-like weather is much more bearable.

Wearing white Express blouse, Zara pants, and black patent Aldo oxfords.

Photos taken by none other than Boyfriend, also known as Trey Penton. Check out some of his photography!

We took a bike ride down Davis Island to enjoy the water and to take some photos. His photos (taken by me) coming soon!

Too Often

Throughout the day really catchy (often, obnoxious) songs make their way in to my head and overstay their visit. Most often Boyfriend is the lucky lad to hear them; I don’t grace just anyone to my honeyed voice. Sometimes it’s the newest hit on the radio, other times it’s new music I’ve come upon on my Internet Adventures.

Unfortunately for myself and Boyfriend, most of the time we are not so lucky to have a popular, or even particularly liked song playing on repeat in my brain. Don’t misunderstand me reader, I have a diverse music bank, but for an unknown reason songs from years, nay, decades ago come to me when I am trying to have quiet thinking time.

  • I believe I can Fly by R Kelly. This one is really disruptive to my day. One, it’s super old; two, it’s super cheesy; three, I can’t break out like R Kelly on I BELIEVE I CAN SOAAARRR and that really annoys me.
  • I don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. It’s by Aerosmith, but I’m always reminded of Armageddon, however I don’t think it’s socially accepted to even bring this movie up in conversation anymore.
  • Nancy Sinatra’s Boots are Made for Walking. This comes on any time I am wearing boots or see anyone who is wearing boots. Sometimes I just think about wearing boots and this song comes on.
  • Also, a lot of Madonna, although mainly from Confessions on a Dancefloor. Kind of up-to-date, but not exactly.

Let it be noted I haven’t actually listened to some of these songs for years. They are haunting me, much like Freddy Krueger wouldn’t stay dead and haunted those poor kids.

The Simple Tree

Why so little posts lately? Ever since my break began five days ago I have been actively idle. Yes, it’s possible. Not to say I have been overachieving at school the semester before (although, my grades weren’t too shabby. Try less, earn more? Another life mystery left unsolved), but school is really time consuming and well, tends to be boring.

The classes are huge and a lot of the professors don’t give a baboon’s red toosh about you. I am 21 and know Everything About the World because I am Cosmopolitan, but I have to attentively listen to them for hours and then prove to them I know Everything About the World. Turns out, science and culture are quite different, and okay, maybe I don’t know Everything About the World. It’s easy to become discouraged. Who cares what they think, but it’s still easy to become lost. Regardless, they won’t get to me, By Jove! To explain the interjection, I’ve been reading Vanity Fair because I haven’t been to the bookstore to pick out some modern novel about hookers or something.

I am getting sidetracked, allow me to reel back to my idleness:

-In less than a week I have managed to watch more movies than I have in one semester of school. A lot of period films, perhaps because I don’t really feel like facing the real world and the fact that I have to graduate in a semester. YES I AM SO EXCITED at the thought of freedom, however, what follows is great uncertainty and more than likely a load of school so great it will equal in size to the Russian Army (here, check map. If size of land is any indication to size of army).

-I attempted to make my bangs straight. With scissors. Again. I am not sure why I, of all Females With Hair, have a doting boyfriend considering what I do to my locks. It’s almost as if my hair is cut in a sort of half bowl cut, the cut part being the front. Don’t get me wrong, the back is beautiful. I’m going to stop, I swear. Until then I need a really great hat or bonnet. Christmas present, anyone?

-So many naps.

-Working and finding really amazing things on the internet to send to my boyfriend who is still studying until Friday. He may very well be the better half.

-Reading a lot of non-science things. Things being non-specific because this includes novels, blogs, foreign movie sub-titles, road signs, etc. I need a little break from knowing all the Things That Can Go Wrong with the internal workings of my body.

-Eating ungodly amounts of chocolate. Okay, I think that’s just been today. Mom and I went by Walgreens late last night for something she needed and they were having a sale on chocolates. How could we refuse? We really couldn’t.

Now I might get out of my PJs and get creative or make my way to the bookstore for some reading fun. Being idle is really nice, but I have to make sure not to over-do it because an inactive mind often borders crazy. I am far from being there yet, don’t worry.

I will leave you with a Behind-the-Scenes of the Vogue shoot video of Natalie Portman from Black Swan, a movie Kristen was privileged enough to see while visiting NY and made me join the crowd of many who really want to see it too (idleness thrives on unoriginality. But, whatever! A good movie doesn’t need justification). The video, above :)

Vintage rings I wore today.