There are certain things that one has to give up when growing older (mature?) but I refuse to let booty shorts* be one of them.

*The term booty shorts was first introduced to me by a 11 year-old girl I mentor as a big sister. You can see why we get along.

It’s at that point in the school semester where I have a bunch of things to do that are very important and little inspiration to make me want to do them. So much to do. Better just do it now, right?

Dress: Proenza Schouler

Disturbed by Science

When I was younger I believed in reincarnation. I thought that one day after I died I would be reborn again, but that I wouldn’t remember my past life (or lives).

Then one day I was reading one of those encyclopedia books for children with all sorts of information. I liked them because of the pretty pictures, but I must have read them too because I stumbled upon some facts about our solar system.

I read a little blurb about how our sun is aging and one day it would die and there would be no light on Earth and EVERYTHING ON EARTH WOULD DIE TOO (though the book reassured me that it wouldn’t happen for millions or some years).

That would all be dandy and fine but not to the imaginative mind of a kid who believes in reincarnation. Like, what if I was reborn at the time the sun burnt out and then I would have to suffer an early death because dumb star got too old??? I read and reread the information to make sure I had it right.

Ughughgh, I can’t tell you how worried I was. I eased my anxiety a little bit by deciding that maybe I wouldn’t be born at this time and I should, you know, enjoy the present life I was living.

I decided to give you a visual of how things went down. I know I remained cool on the outside (it’s a curse, looking cool, always), but I was very disturbed on the inside. That little writhing figure is me burning at the end of the world because I caught on fire by accident trying to make some due to lack of sun.

Fantasies of orange lipstick.

It’s subtly tacky; it’s past Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I won’t be mistaken as being in spirit for the holidays.

Oui a la pants

Pastel Sunglasses and Kimichi Blue Paperbag Trouser

It is not summer yet, but the sun shines even though the wind may be cruel. If it would be socially acceptable I would run from building to building regardless of my shoes (lucky for me I was wearing chucks this morning… and I ran… when no one was looking… at 6am…). Color changing sunglasses and sunshine covering my ass? Reader, I needn’t confirm how excellent these are.

This morning before work I put on my best spandex because I had hoped to go to yoga with Valentina. After multiple tries of contacting her after work I realized it wasn’t yet noon and she was probably still sleeping.

I decided to run errands instead, which constituted of obtaining necessary school items; however, half of my purchases were in the form of candy, which may be the very opposite of exercise (judging…).

However, I still have my stretchy pants and long socks on, and I’m about to go roller-blading with my friend Scott, so Glutes-of-stone, I call you hither!

All I could see from where I stood

Last night I wore out a lace blouse with cropped jeans and F21 Mary-Janes that are extremely tall and made me a giant. I really need a simple black belt, seriously, who doesn’t have one?? Well, the studded one worked just fine.

The day was spent drawing and painting; I want to make a portfolio or a small book of some works. I am not quite sure how to do that yet but I am positive it starts out with some artworks (am I rite??).

Then the was spent with a dead phone, Matthew, Kristen, and a little with Colleen! Finally I found good cupcake place and Kristen and I indulged in Champagne Pear ones. Probably one of the best cupcakes I have ever had. Then lounging around a in dark corners until we got hungry; then finally it was time for open mic where Colleen and Matthew braved the crowd and performed.

I think Kristen was rolling her eyes at Matt here. Typical.

Excited for Fall and Winter to set soon, are you?

Dear Trey,

I wish I had been the one to actually draw this masterpiece, but I was not. Nevertheless, I dedicate it to you.

Your lurver~

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