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Old family camera and myself in the background as captured by Trey.

This is my non-human BFF Lucy. We are having a sleepover. She’s already snoring like a little pigglet.

Once upon a time I had a delicious latte accompanied with an equally as delicious muffin while with a very pretty girl named Laura. Once upon a time I had a delicious latte accompanied with an equally as delicious muffin while with a very pretty girl named Laura. Once upon a time I had a delicious latte accompanied with an equally as delicious muffin while with a very pretty girl named Laura.

Once upon a time I had a delicious latte accompanied with an equally as delicious muffin while with a very pretty girl named Laura.

St. Patrick’s day was spent around no Irishmen, wearing absolutely no green, and need I say it? There was no green beer. Instead, I spent it roasting out in the sun with Valentina, Chilean extraordinaire.

It was the best day for beach napping:

I had SPF 25, which is apparently just enough to ensure minimum burning.

I had summer’s essential! Floppy straw hat to look fab & protect face from sun.

Temperature was around 76F with no humidity. You can’t ask for better weather.

If you can guess what was in those cups, you win a coffee date.


I made breakfast for me and Kristen a few days ago. Strawberries and homemade waffles! Well, kind of homemade. Store mix & waffle-maker.

Sexy Man Roll

Some food porn for your eyes!

Rae and Kristen accompanied me for a sushi dinner yesterday. I had the sexy man roll, which was so delicious! A name like that has to deliver.

Afterwards we headed off for coffee and thesis writing on my part, which I finished at noon today, which meant the beginning of my spring break! How did I celebrate? I took a nap. I wanted to keep sleeping, but I decided maybe I shouldn’t turn into a lazy blob — not yet at least. Because tomorrow Valentina and I are headed off to the beach! Blobs and sand don’t really go together.

Cross your fingers I don’t turn into a lobster… I’ll be bringing SPF1000.


Trey sent me cute pictures of bunnies (100 of them!). Ahh, so cute!

My month-long no shopping went great! (Except for that one day I visited a thrift store and a wee little sale at Forever 21 earlier this week… but those don’t even count…) Today is the official day it is over. I had to say no a lot of times, but ultimately it was a good thing because in the last month I have gone from wearing a heavy coat to tank-tops. FYI, the best sweater sales are happening right now, if you don’t have any better stock up for the next year!

Today on the fun radar I have plans to spend time with my friends! Accompanied by sushi. I was reading a sushi book last night, which you should never do it you don’t have any sushi with you. 

Next week I plan to do more illustrations, but for now let’s all enjoy the weekend :)

I am not bound to succeed

Trey and his new bike, Liza and her tea, Vale and her VS model look, a couple of cute performers at Cafe Hey

Never try to trick me with a kiss

Love; New Year, New Boys; Oh What Fun; Peepin Tom Krista; Proof  I wear my boots too much; In a Woman’s World; ♥ MY CHEEKS

Street Style

First is unknown, second and third are from The Sartorialist, last is from Stockholm Street Style

I have been (really) in the mood for slouchy pants, toned down colors, and menswear (jackets, shoes, gahh!! Hard angles, dream come true).

Figures, it’s not cold enough yet. I will patiently wait, maybe even turn down the A/C at home and lounge in layers and sweaters.

Fall is really really nice (I really need a thesaurus, still) (yes, I know I can go to thesaurus.com), and for me (maybe you too?) there is a mysterious, emotional factor. Maybe it’s the thought of cozying up somewhere warm with a cup of cocoa, but it brings about a mood un-encountered in any other season.

So, what’s the mood of Fall 2010? Pulling my Heart Strings is close. Lately a lot of people around me are going through a case of the broken heart. I don’t have man-arms to offer nor a penis (or any spare lady-parts for my broken-hearted guy friends)(that means mine aren’t on the market), my time and love will have to do. Is it worth much? Maybe, maybe not, but if I were going through the same now it would be nice to have someone there telling you so-and-so can prick off and eat a bum’s shoe dipped in tar.

Young as I was, a couple of years ago I came to accept that I wouldn’t find love for a long time—if ever—and I was completely content with a free life (independent ladies, do you hear me?). While some of my friends wanted a warm body next to theirs at night, I contently spread myself, a limb in each corner, along with four pillows in my very comfortable full size bed. Dates were nice, but I liked me time. I had given too much of myself to ~love (yeah, right), and had given enough!

Then, I met Trey. Now, in a mere two weeks we are going to be one year old. It’s surprising to me that I should have found him at this point in my life. It took months, but once we started dating I slowly learned how to share and open up to another person again. And compromise (that’s an important one). I’m not saying he would never drop my heart in acid like some other ones, but I am fairly certain that even if things don’t work out the way I want them to we will still find happiness. It’s a matter of having the right disposition, good friends, and a passion. If ever you place your dreams on anyone, let it be you and nobody else, but regardless don’t give up on love if it is something you want from life.

With that said, I love my friends and my boyfriend, naive as that may sound. Cheers!



I eat/drink a lot with my friends.