Can you spot Emma?

I work in a lab with three cats and Emma is by far the furriest. She is also the least social and likes to hide lest you try to molest her with love and scratches. Needless to say, she was not happy when I invaded her cubby hole space. 

In five days I take a pretty big test. I feel confident about it. Yet still I’ve been feeling really down* for the past couple of weeks and it’s been making it difficult to study. Has that ever happened to anyone else? I can study if I’m sick, but if my spirit isn’t in it, it’s really difficult. I’m sucking it up till Friday and praying I do well, because I honestly do not want to take it again. After that I plan to spend my free time hiding under my covers, taking lots of photos (probably of shoes) and drawing pictures of cats (only for you tumblr, I’m not much of a cat person).

Hearts for cute furry animals cuddling.

*I am now that person that reblogs a cute picture of furry animals and sticks it in the dumpster with a sad story. I know.

(via andreaschoice)