I’ll daydream about you and I’ll think happy thoughts

Tonight I have spammed your dash. This was the early stages of a mix-media fox painting I made. The fox is now red. 

Z is for Zac Posen

Remember a few posts back (a month ago?) I said something about a project I had in mind?… of course you don’t. Regardless, it’s Fashion’s A to Z, thought up by none other than my very own Kristen. She’s kinda fab and I dedicate this to her. 

There are certain things that one has to give up when growing older (mature?) but I refuse to let booty shorts* be one of them.

*The term booty shorts was first introduced to me by a 11 year-old girl I mentor as a big sister. You can see why we get along.

Do these Jeffrey Campbells ring too gothic? Why do I like them so much? As Trey once suggested, instead of buying every shoe I want, why not draw it? ;)

It’s at that point in the school semester where I have a bunch of things to do that are very important and little inspiration to make me want to do them. So much to do. Better just do it now, right?

Dress: Proenza Schouler