I’ll daydream about you and I’ll think happy thoughts

St. Patrick’s day was spent around no Irishmen, wearing absolutely no green, and need I say it? There was no green beer. Instead, I spent it roasting out in the sun with Valentina, Chilean extraordinaire.

It was the best day for beach napping:

I had SPF 25, which is apparently just enough to ensure minimum burning.

I had summer’s essential! Floppy straw hat to look fab & protect face from sun.

Temperature was around 76F with no humidity. You can’t ask for better weather.

If you can guess what was in those cups, you win a coffee date.


St. Petersburg, before Tron

Boyfriend and I before we saw Tron, hanging out around the St. Pete docks, eating fusion food with our friend Laura (not shown :( pictures came out blurry in the restaurant), deer, Kiss Barbie Christmas tree ornament, and a hidden paper crane.