When I look at the shape
of America on the map,
my love, it is you I see:
the heights of copper on your head,
your breasts, wheat and snow,
you slender waist,
swift throbbing rivers, sweet
hills and meadows,
and in the cold of the south your feet end 
its geography of duplicated gold.

Little America excerpt - Pablo Neruda 

“Darling, you will not find
in the well into which you fall
what I keep for you on the heights:
a bouquet of dewy jasmines,
a kiss deeper than your abyss.”
— Pablo Neruda

Forget and Forgotten

If suddenly
you forget me
do not look for me,
for I shall already have forgotten you.

Pablo Neruda

But Tumblr, I have not forgotten you! I have my MCAT this Thursday followed by a very busy couple of work weeks before school starts again.

Trey is helping me look for an SLR camera; hopefully I will buy one very soon :) My photo blog is lacking, and I do not like that all too much.