This summer I am interning at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts! One of my favorite places to volunteer so far :) and visit. 

Currently on exhibit are photographs of 1930’s Paris by Brassai, and up above is one of my favorite photos from the exhibit taken with a toy lens. 

Currently I’m having some gold fever, pre and post Washed Out show. I thought I was going to the show by myself after poor Rae had to finish a paper, but thankfully some friends met me there and it was a great time! I will post more pictures later, until then you must marvel at the golden nails. 

Also, pictured last are a couple of my favorite new things! Especially my Andy Warhol finger puppet, which I got at FMoPA*, where I will be interning for the summer. 

*FMoPA: Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. It’s located in a really amazing building and everyone that works in it is very nice and I can’t wait to start in a couple of weeks! The current exhibit is Andy Warhol, thus the puppet. 

I am interrupting this unintentional blog hiatus to tell you that I am a little bit in love with Grimes. I read an article about her in Dazed and Confused before I heard her music and what I like most is that she comes off as unpretentious; she is off-beat in a good way and her interest in making her music so connected to herself. I can’t say I like every song on her album Visions but it takes me to a different place and at this stage in my life, its a good thing. 

Photos from Dazed and Confused by Heidi Slimane

We Are One

Hello all!

I would like to introduce you to my lovely friend Rosie, if you haven’t heard of her already. In her words, a Peaceful Warrior fighting the battle for her life, she has many talents, like writing poetry and cooking delicious-looking vegan food, but really, there is so much more! Read more about her @ We Are One

On her blog, she writes:

I will be here —>
And you email me a question you have, or a concern, or just a pondering about life. Perhaps it’s something you feel too shy or embarrassed to ask others, or too scared to ask yourself. Or perhaps you just needed a loving awakening to realize that someone out there cares for you, even if we’ve never met.
So write me, and I will write or video back. :)

She is such a beautiful person, inside and out, and I wish you to go learn more about her :)

Lesson in Motion

Dusan Reljin, Julia Hetta, Laurence Le Guay, Eric Guillemain 1, 2, 3, Helen Korpak, unknown, Baldovino Barani, Paolo Roversi, Steven Miesel, Baldovino Barani, unknown, Paolo Roversi 1,2, Helen Korpak, Peter Lindbergh, Eric Guillemain, Ellen Von Unwerth

I love movement.

crack·ling frost

First five black and white are by James Ravilious, English countryside photographer.
The two colored photos are by Lucinda Dodds.
Last two are by Wouter Brandsm.

I came upon some of Lucinda’s photos a while ago, and it is on her flickr that I discovered James Revilious. From there I found a lot of Ravilious-inspired photos — so many of which make me want to be somewhere in the countryside eating something buttery and delicious (because people in the country don’t skim out on buttery. I’m looking at you, Paula Dean).

The Holiday

My Love, Me and Penguins, Lights, Fun Party with Friends While Sick, Present for Trey Unwrapped and Wrapped, Present from Joyce :), Trey Experimenting with his Gift (Diana Lens and Adapter for Canon)

Something about unusual textures really appeals to me.

I have been looking for a new inspiration for editing photos; are the colors not sweet?