Too Often

Throughout the day really catchy (often, obnoxious) songs make their way in to my head and overstay their visit. Most often Boyfriend is the lucky lad to hear them; I don’t grace just anyone to my honeyed voice. Sometimes it’s the newest hit on the radio, other times it’s new music I’ve come upon on my Internet Adventures.

Unfortunately for myself and Boyfriend, most of the time we are not so lucky to have a popular, or even particularly liked song playing on repeat in my brain. Don’t misunderstand me reader, I have a diverse music bank, but for an unknown reason songs from years, nay, decades ago come to me when I am trying to have quiet thinking time.

  • I believe I can Fly by R Kelly. This one is really disruptive to my day. One, it’s super old; two, it’s super cheesy; three, I can’t break out like R Kelly on I BELIEVE I CAN SOAAARRR and that really annoys me.
  • I don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. It’s by Aerosmith, but I’m always reminded of Armageddon, however I don’t think it’s socially accepted to even bring this movie up in conversation anymore.
  • Nancy Sinatra’s Boots are Made for Walking. This comes on any time I am wearing boots or see anyone who is wearing boots. Sometimes I just think about wearing boots and this song comes on.
  • Also, a lot of Madonna, although mainly from Confessions on a Dancefloor. Kind of up-to-date, but not exactly.

Let it be noted I haven’t actually listened to some of these songs for years. They are haunting me, much like Freddy Krueger wouldn’t stay dead and haunted those poor kids.