I love Rick Ownes and the way he talks about his collection; it remains utilitarian while also a work of art. The colors are dark and luxurious, which is where my comfort level is at its highest. The veils are weird, but you know I like that sort of thing. I had been dreaming of summer until now.

Video courtesy of Trey Penton :)

For Trey’s birthday I took the easy way out and bought us tickets to a show we were going to see anyway, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

I will admit it takes a lot to get me excited for a show, but there was no need for this one because THEY ARE SO GOOD. Even if you didn’t know the lyrics (which most of the audience did anyway), you could just throw your body around and dance with them because they did not stop moving. Ed and the Zeros were there to have fun, and made sure we had a good time too. At the end Alexander came down into the audience and we sat around him while he sang Brother. Pretty risky considering half the kids were starstruck and ready to maul him; but hippies stay cool in any situation and Alex did accordingly.