I’ve been thinking in patterns lately, which is very out of the ordinary for me since I usually stick to bold colors, mainly black, white and blue. Last night I was cleaning my computer and somehow managed to damage my wireless USB adapter, enough that it stopped working. Without internet to distract me I started drawing shapes and putting them together, which is sort of tranquil, actually. I happened to be watching the Rodarte Spring 2012 RTW show on my tablet, which I took as a sure sign that marigold must be added to the mass of blue. 

I want to make more patterns, but I wonder what to do with them? 

Mirrored patterns give a masculine, geometric aesthetic, which balances the over-all femininity. 

*As you can see, I am having too much fun. 

I want to embroider more random things on my clothes…

It’s been cold and raining most of today, so I decided it was okay to wear the vintage leather skirt I got a few days ago.

Spring break is near! For me, at least.

It is really cold outside and not much warmer at work. I have a scarf wrapped around my face, actually. I stumbled upon J.Crew’s Spring 2011 Collection, so I here are some of the looks I liked: think of warmer times. See more here.

I really like the long sequin skirt and basically every color. Reminds me of fruits and sunshine and warmth.