Elle Fanning - Rodarte: The Curve of Forgotten Things (2011)

Has anyone seen this already? It’s beautiful.


Disturbed by Science

When I was younger I believed in reincarnation. I thought that one day after I died I would be reborn again, but that I wouldn’t remember my past life (or lives).

Then one day I was reading one of those encyclopedia books for children with all sorts of information. I liked them because of the pretty pictures, but I must have read them too because I stumbled upon some facts about our solar system.

I read a little blurb about how our sun is aging and one day it would die and there would be no light on Earth and EVERYTHING ON EARTH WOULD DIE TOO (though the book reassured me that it wouldn’t happen for millions or some years).

That would all be dandy and fine but not to the imaginative mind of a kid who believes in reincarnation. Like, what if I was reborn at the time the sun burnt out and then I would have to suffer an early death because dumb star got too old??? I read and reread the information to make sure I had it right.

Ughughgh, I can’t tell you how worried I was. I eased my anxiety a little bit by deciding that maybe I wouldn’t be born at this time and I should, you know, enjoy the present life I was living.

I decided to give you a visual of how things went down. I know I remained cool on the outside (it’s a curse, looking cool, always), but I was very disturbed on the inside. That little writhing figure is me burning at the end of the world because I caught on fire by accident trying to make some due to lack of sun.