I love Rick Ownes and the way he talks about his collection; it remains utilitarian while also a work of art. The colors are dark and luxurious, which is where my comfort level is at its highest. The veils are weird, but you know I like that sort of thing. I had been dreaming of summer until now.

Ralph Lauren

I think what really captivates me about a collection is a strong view, classic elements and a modern or artistic take.

Ever since I have lived in Florida I have slowly started to appreciate Southern style. Now, Florida in itself is not very culturally Southern if you live near a metropolitan area, but on the other hand, it is near enough the very “Southern” states that there are enough country folks to cause influence (that’s what they call themselves, right???).

I may not care for country music much, but I can appreciate a good cowhide (and cowboy boots and petite flowers, etc)

Bringing all this into view, I really love the RL Spring collection. This is difficult to think about because it’s not even cold enough to be fall!